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 Welcome to our family owned and operated pet supplies stores. Our team members obsession is to seek out and find quality products for your pets. Not just the ordinary products you can purchase at the big box stores or supermarkets but products you really want for your beloved family member to have and enjoy.  Providing products is just not good enough, we truly care about animals and we care about our customers. We want you to become a friend and a valued member of our community. You will find that we want to make a permanent relationship with you, not just sell you products. We welcome your feedback and hope that you feel welcome enough to share your feelings about our store, the products, our service and we hope you will become an active member contributing to our community. We offer several different ways for everyone to get involved:

 Reviewing the products you purchase so that when your fellow shoppers know what you think of the item now that you have had the chance to use it. Everyone wants to know what others thought about the products we are thinking about buying.

 Joining our community of social sites Facebook, twitter and contributing your valuable opinions, stories, share your pictures and videos, ask questions, get advice.

Submit your photos, videos and stories of your pets using or wearing any of the products you purchase and if you give us your permission to use this on our web site we will decide to just post them (because they demonstrate the product so well) or we'll will ask our community to vote on these submissions. If you are selected we will feature your pet on our product pages with your pet getting all the credit, of course  (we will include their name, town and state as a caption, if you provided that information in your submission)

Sign up for our Promotions newsletter,eMail alerts. You won't be sorry, we will periodically send out our Petmotions E-Deals, in this email you will find our best sales, but these aren't for anybody, OH NO, these are only for those who subscribe to this special list. All special sales will have codes that are for your eyes only. Just purchase the product advertised, then enter the code you were sent, if you are authorized to use that code, the deal will be applied. (all deals will have expiration dates,  may be for a very limited time and will be valid until items stock runs out) You know how you always see these great deals for people who sign up for a service or are only for new customers. Well, you will not find that here. We believe that the people who should be rewarded are our current customers so if we ever offer any specials our current customers will always get the same or better deals. Of course, we will also include any news about our store, new features, products, general announcements, surveys everything you need to stay informed about us.

Join our Pet-tastic Rewards Program.(coming soon) Once you have enrolled we will reward you for every dollar you spend at our stores. 

Participate in our ‘refer a friend program’ –  you recommend your friends to us by providing their name and email address. We will send your friend an email informing them of your recommendation. Once your friend creates an account and makes their first purchase you will get the refer-a-friend promotion of 10% off your next purchase (10% off  has a 6 months expiration).

Participate in the ‘refer your favorite pet service’ – if you know of someone in your town who provides a great service for your pet, reward them with a recommendation to be listed in our services directory. We will contact them to tell them of your recommendation and solicit their permission to list them in our directory.

So please join our community, upload pictures, stories, and video and tell us about yourself and your pet. Ask us or any of our fellow pet lovers about almost anything pet related or if your favorite pet has something to say let them; we love to hear from everyone.

 If you look throughout our website you will find many interesting and informative articles, news, advice, medical information, training tips for your pets.