What It is Like To Own a 30 Gallon Fish Tank

Owning a fish tank at home has been proven to be relaxing and therapeutic. If you have been thinking twice about getting a fish tank that should end now, because I will tell you all about the perfect single-at-home fish tank size – a 30 gallon fish tank.

A 30 Gallon Fish Tank is the Perfect Size of Beginners

If it is your first time to invest on an aquarium, a 30 gallon fish tank is just for you. It’s easy to maintain, it does not take much space and it will allow you to have just the right amount of fish you are ready to have.

Having a Small Tank Is Not Easier Than Having a Big Tank

Most people think that it’s easier to maintain a small tank because it is small. This is a very common misconception. This is because having a small tank means less water volume. Less water volume means its water requires to be changed more often because it accumulates algae faster. It is also difficult to maintain its pH level. Most importantly, it’s easier for your fish to make a mess in a small fish tank. A 30 gallon fish tank is not small enough for a few fish. It’s just the perfect size and it can contain enough water to make it easy to maintain water temperature, pH level and cleanliness.

How to Take Care of a 30 Gallon Fish Tank

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Here are some things you need in your 30 gallon fish tank to keep your fish alive:

  1. Filtration System – the filter system in your tank is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the water for your fish. If you are planning to keep several fish in your 30 gallon fish tank, you need a good filter system to quickly clean the toxic wastes that accumulate in the tank before your fish gets poisoned.
  2. Light Fixture – these are not just for decoration. Fish are also accustomed to living in certain climates. They need to live in a stable environment with a stable temperature. It’s the lighting’s responsibility to keep your fish warm during the night.
  3. Decorations – a 30 gallon fish tank may seem to small to be decorated. However, you still need to give your fish privacy. Give them some leaves or corals inside. Remember to clean them too when you replace the water in your 30 gallon fish tank.

Considering the Fish

Remember to research about the fish you are going to buy if they are aggressive, territorial. You don’t want an expensive fish to die in a territorial match with another expensive fish. If you are planning to put different kinds of fish your 30 gallon fish tank, remember to wait about 2 weeks until you put the second species of fish into the tank to avoid unwanted aquatic quarrels.

Owning a fish tank is fun as long as you know how to make a good fish habitat.

About Francis Lang-Mosby

Francis Mosby breeds fish as a hobby. He takes care of several seawater and fresh water fish at home. He enjoys diving rather than fishing, and he makes sure that the fish he keeps are happy in the environment they live in. His rule#1 is that fish should have more than enough space to swim in.

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