Money in Catnip Plant

Catnip plant is a kind of herb and one of the members of mint family. It used to be only endemic in European countries. Conversely, it is currently being exported to different parts of the world.

More often than not, you can find this herb in the play section of a pet store. Though not known to everyone, it can be an indispensable tool in training cats as well as in their diet. According to Kristie Hamilton, director of sales at Imperial Cat, cats are most of time attracted to this plant.

art72.catnip shaker 138x300 Money in Catnip PlantCatnip has become visible in every pet’s store. It comes in different forms from catnip seeds, dried catnip leaves, grown catnip plants, sprays and oil. Despite this, most pet owners are still in the dark when it comes to its versatility. This is the most opportune time for pet stores owners to educate their staff about the advantages of this herb and its effects to cats. Adept staff can help guide their customers which can greatly encourage repeat sales from them in the future.

Other than educating the staff, vendors can generate more sales by placing catnip products in the exercise and training section. To generate more sales, they can also add a sign or a short clip near this section that contains suggestions on how to help their cats shave off some weight in an enjoyable way by using it as a recreational toy.

Another interesting idea to promote it is to make the same sign in cat beds and scratching posts. This sign should enlighten the customers as to the role that it plays in helping draw cat’s interest to use a new bed or a scratching post.

There are heaps of creative ideas to lure customers in buying catnip plant. The president of Bell Rock Growers, Mark Teixeira recommends vendors to place this plant near the cashier. According to him, this can spawn curiosity which leads to impulse buying. Apart from the stimulation and entertainment it brings forth, it has chlorophyll which is essential to feline’s health, he added.

art72.catnip toy 300x180 Money in Catnip PlantAs much as vendors want to stock up catnip plant, unfortunately this herb has short shelf life. So they shouldn’t make a mistake by stuffing their stores with much of this herb.

A fresh catnip plant is easy to be identified by its green color. Its affectivity will naturally diminish when it’s stale which is characterized by brown shade in its leaves.

Vendors should keep in mind to only sell good quality products. This can be done by frequent checking of their shelves to ensure that their products are in saleable condition.

Selling catnip plant can be an excellent source of income if the sellers are well-informed about the great benefits it could provide to their target customers.

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