Fish Care Tips - How to Save Your Fish from Stress and Eventual Death

When I was very young, about 5 years old, my parents allowed me to have pet goldfish. I had several batches of pet fish. They died one after the other. Unfortunately, neither my parents nor I had enough fish care knowledge.  Therefore, I took responsibility of sharing these basic fish care tips to help a kid and his/her first pet fish survive.

Some are basic knowledge already, such as keep the water clean, feed them 3 times a day and give them enough space to swim around. However, there are some important fish care tips that are not quite obvious to first time fish owners. Here are some fish care tips every fish owner should know:

1. 1 fish = 1 gallon rule

Remember to not overcrowd your fish tank. It sure is fun to see a school of fish swimming together like what we see in movies. However, they cannot behave that way in an aquarium. An aquarium is obviously so much smaller than the ocean. Most fish owners live by this important fish care tip.

by Alice Chaos Fish Care Tips   How to Save Your Fish from Stress and Eventual Death

This is NOT how you keep guppies at home

2. Check compatibility

If you want to have several species of fish in the same huge aquarium, remember to check their compatibility and temperament. Some fish are aggressive. Some are passive. You sure don’t want to see some blood in your aquarium because one of your fish ate the other. So always remember to check for compatibility.

by sinanshanshal Fish Care Tips   How to Save Your Fish from Stress and Eventual Death

3. Do not overfeed

It is quite fun to see your fish eat. That is the best interaction you could have with them. It is important to feed your fish regularly but you also have to remember to not give them too much food. The uneaten food inside their aquarium would surely rot and break down the chemistry and pH balance of the water.

4. Cover the fish tank

Some fish are jumpers. When I was a child, I saw my goldfish jump off the fish bowl. Until now, I’m not 100% sure if fish are suicidal creature like love birds. Just to be on the safe side, partly cover your fish tank to make sure your fish cannot jump off to try to commit suicide or to escape.

by Tungdk Fish Care Tips   How to Save Your Fish from Stress and Eventual Death

5. Ask other fish lovers

Lastly, do not be shy to ask the fish store keeper about the fish you are buying or the fish you are buying supplies for. Most fish store keepers love fish and they would love to talk about fish with you all day. If you are lucky enough to talk to the fish store owner, ask for tips, too. There are thousands of fish species. There is so much to learn about fish care.

Check out our blog for more fish care tips. There is just so much to learn about caring for fish.

About Francis Lang-Mosby

Francis Mosby breeds fish as a hobby. He takes care of several seawater and fresh water fish at home. He enjoys diving rather than fishing, and he makes sure that the fish he keeps are happy in the environment they live in. His rule#1 is that fish should have more than enough space to swim in.

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